20 Jan 2022

Faris Sweiss Professional Career

Faris Sweiss is a Real Estate Broker at Baird & Warner and Owner of Blue Shadow Property Development LLC. A versatile professional, Sweiss is an expert in all corners of real estate, from sales and construction to property management.

Faris Sweiss’s real estate roots run deep!  At just 12 years old, his father introduced him to the process of house rehabilitation.  This early introduction to construction assisted Sweiss in developing a hands-on approach to property management and real estate. Now, at Baird & Warner, he brings a unique perspective to the table as a Real Estate Broker with tried and true experience in crafting a wonderful and comfortable living space. His years of experience in house rehab and property management both enrich and diversify his approach to buying and selling real estate.

A uniquely trained professional, Sweiss has maintained numerous roles throughout his career.  For three years, he was an active duty, enlisted member of the United States Army.  A proud veteran, Sweiss stands by his fellow US military members with unwavering support.


Real Estate & Property Management

Unafraid to roll up his sleeves to get things done, Faris Sweiss enjoys the opportunity to learn not only how something works, but why it works. He credits childhood lessons from his father with instilling a can-do attitude in him.  After years of dabbling in the property management industry, Sweiss decided to establish his startup, Blue Shadow Property Development LLC.  Although the outfit is currently on the back burner, he looks forward to developing on it further in the future.  For now, he is focused on his work as a Real Estate Broker at Baird & Warner.

Baird & Warner

In 2020, Faris Sweiss joined the Baird & Warner team as a Real Estate Broker.  Through this role, he assists individuals and families in the process of finding and purchasing a new living space. Calling on the expertise that he has cultivated over the years, Sweiss is uniquely qualified for his role as Real Estate Broker.  He genuinely enjoys the opportunity to translate his previous experience into his current work.  Assisting clients in buying and selling real estate properties has already proven to be an incredibly fulfilling experience for Sweiss.

Baird & Warner is an independent brokerage that specializes in providing clients with residential real estate services.  Although Baird & Warner primarily facilitates residential real estate services, the team also provides solutions for corporations and clients interested in commercial real estate.  Faris Sweiss looks forward to his future with the agency!