20 Jan 2022

Pit Bull Awareness

Pit bulls are known for their fierce loyalty and incredible intelligence. But unfortunately, the breed often faces discrimination and stigma. As a Pit bull Awareness Advocate, Faris Sweiss hopes to shed light on the wonderful personality traits that make the breed so special.

Pit bulls often get a bad rap.  Years of stigma have resulted in harsh and unfair misconceptions about the breed overall.  A dog lover and proud pit bull owner, Faris Sweiss knows firsthand how special these dogs are.  In his experience, pit bulls are incredibly intelligent dogs with wonderful personalities and their unwavering loyalty is often unmatched by other breeds.  However, years of stigma have posed an overall threat to the pit bull breed. 

pitbull puppies

This has led to an abundance of pit bulls being put up for adoption and an overall ban of pit bulls at various residential living communities.  Faris Sweiss doesn’t believe that this treatment is neither far nor warranted.  That’s why he is dedicated to demolishing that stigma through his Pit bull Awareness Advocacy.

As an advocate, Faris Sweiss hopes to help the world to view pit bulls as what they are:  sweet and caring companions.  He proudly supports charities and nonprofits that defend this message, such as The American Pit Bull Foundation and Stand Up For Pits. 

The American Pit Bull Foundation

Faris Sweiss is a proud supporter of the work of The American Pit Bull Foundation.  The Foundation was born out of a desire to fight back against the stigma pit bulls and pit bull owners often face.  The American Pit Bull Foundation works diligently to shine light on the fact that pit bulls are sweet and loving — regardless of the bad rap the breed has received over the years.

Stand Up For Pits Foundation

A lot of the bad publicity received by the pit bull breed comes from talk of dogfighting.  However, Faris Sweiss and the Stand Up For Pits Foundation view pit bulls as victims when it comes to dogfighting — not malicious perpetrators.  Sweiss believes it’s unfair to think of pit bulls as vicious because of the media’s emphasis on their presence in dogfights.  At its core, dogfighting is a form of animal abuse.  That’s why Stand Up For Pits is dedicated to ending dogfighting, abuse against all dogs (not just pits!) and destroying the discrimination that keeps pit bulls from thriving.