If you’ve considered joining the US Army, now might be the best time. As the branch rolls out a three day Army National Hiring Days event, they’re offering up unique incentives to new members.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many individuals and families with staggering financial hardship.  For those interested in immediate financial relief, or the prospect of jumping into a new career field, the US Army sends a unique invitation.  During a nationwide, three day hiring event, the Army is looking to enlist at least 10,000 new members.  Those who join will receive a $2,000 bonus, with potential for higher signing bonuses.  New recruits will also enjoy the benefits of student loan debt reimbursement.

Joining the Armed Forces is a courageous career move.  A US Army Veteran himself, Faris Sweiss maintains deep respect and honor for all those who have, will and continue to serve in our nation’s military.