Recently, decided to disclose a property’s flood risk on listings. This interesting update makes the website the first site to do so.

When purchasing a home, we’d like to think we’re able to get a full picture of what life will be like in our new space.  When looking online at listings, you’re able to envision what preparing dinner may be like in the kitchen or entertaining guests in the living room.  Through the listing, you live that moment to the best of your ability, through the information presented to you.  Still, there are often some areas you don’t think to consider… like how climate change may alter your living experience down the line.

Buyers often rely on and trust their real estate agent to ensure that they’re making the right decision.  Now, they can even rely on to find out if their investment will be sound… at least, in terms of whether or not the property is located in a flood risk zone.  Will this be helpful to buyers — or detrimental to sellers?  Only time will tell!