28 Nov 2021

Strengthened by his versatile background, Faris Sweiss brings a diverse combination of skills to the table as a Real Estate Broker at Baird & Warner. Having worked in property management and house rehab, Sweiss maintains a unique perspective on buying and selling real estate.

Career in Real Estate & Property Management

Faris SweissAs a Real Estate Broker at Baird & Warner, Faris Sweiss searches not for your next house, but for your new comfort place. Throughout his years of experience in property management and house rehab, Sweiss has cultivated a unique insight into real estate.  An expert in house rehab, he even has an eye for properties with potential!  Above all else, as a Real Estate Broker, Sweiss takes pride in his customer service. He genuinely cares about the details and preferences that matter to you!  The process of searching for a new or new-to-you living space isn’t always easy.  In fact, it can seem chaotic and overwhelming when you have so many (or so few) options to choose from. By working with you, rather than for you, Faris Sweiss goes the extra mile to ensure that when you’re nestled in your new space, you’ll feel truly settled and at ease!

US Army Veteran

Faris Sweiss is a proud veteran of the United States military.  For four years, he served as an enlisted member in the US Army.  As a Unit Supply Sergeant (92Y), Sweiss developed the careful attention to detail that his father instilled in him through their house rehab and construction projects.  Though his Army days are now behind him, he still appreciates the values and self-motivation that the experience introduced him to.  As a veteran, he proudly stands by his brothers and sisters in the armed forces, whether they are active duty personnel, enlisted, serve in the reserves or retired.

Pitbull Awareness

In his free time, Faris Sweiss enjoys enjoying the great outdoors with his loyal companion, a certified purebred pit bull terrier.  Sweiss is a passionate, self-proclaimed pit bull awareness advocate.  Whenever he has the chance, he enjoys introducing people to his dog.  Sweiss hopes that in doing so, he can help the world see that pit bulls should not be judged based on inaccurate misconceptions.

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